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All-time Favorite Movies Tell us your favorites.
All-time Favorite Television Shows/EpisodesTell us your favorites.
All-time Least Favorite Movies  — Tell us your least favorites and save us all some time.
All-time Least Favorite Television Shows/Episodes— Guess what we’re talking about here : )
All time Favorite Cartoons — Include comic strips and comic books.
And Another Thing If we left anything out… tell us here.
Annoying Sheeple  —  Also visit us at
Bad Bathroom Reading — Help the rest of us avoid wasting valuable good bathroom reading time.
Book Reviews  — (Read Any Good Books Lately?)
Brain Teasers Keeping the brain active keeps us young and that’s what we’re talking about!
Commercial (TV) CommentsTell us your alltime favorite (and least favorite) television commercials… and print ads.
Corporate Extortion Tell us your stories about frustrating “surcharges” and other ways in which corporations extort extra money from innocent customers.
Dealing with Customer Non-Service Departments — The impossible hold,  transfer and verification experiences… the frustrating redundancy when you finally get a human… that’s what we’re talking about!

Don't Be so Hard on Yourself
Duh! I Dunno! — The frustration of dealing with those that may have a lower level of understanding and communicating than you.
Expressionless Expressions The ones we hate… those annoying expressions that really mean nothing and are relentlessly repeated. Not for nothing (ugh!) but… that’s what we’re talking about!

Everything You Need To Know...
Funny Photos— A picture speaks a thousand words. So does a video clip.
Funny Stuff and Jokes That Clog Email— Share all the funny emails you pass around irritating people as they get the same ones from everyone they know... just send them here and people can read them (or not) any time they want
Games— The ones people play and the one’s we play.

Casino Games Black Jack Craps Poker Roulette Slots
General Comments

Good Bathroom Stories— And bad ones too
Good Common Sense— Isn't all common sense good?
Good Cop/Bad Cop — There’s good and bad in every profession. Tell us your favorite good cop/bad cop stories.
Good Customer Service (There Must Be Some.) We’re sure there has to be because some of “us” work in these departments. Share some ideas to help put the “service” back in customer service lines and departments.
Gorilla Advertising
Gorilla Sales
Great Greeting Card Verses
Great Words
Helpful Hints
How Much Is The Free Gift?— It’s always good to ask. Don’t forget to also inquire about how much the discount will cost you.

How Rude!
Huh!?! What Just Happened !?! —  LEADS TO OTHER SITE
Hurry Up and Wait
I Have No Choice
Impossible Message Loops
It’s A Dirty Job ,But Someone Has To Do IT
It’s Not My Fault
It's All Their Fault — Who IS responsible for the state of things anyway?
It's Huhnbelievable!— Share life’s daily frustrations… the one’s that make you think “Huh?!? Is this still earth?”
It's Their World... We're Just Visiting — Tell us your stories about those annoying sheeple who trample on everyone around like they own every place.
Laugh Out Loud
MVB/PVB Stories— No one escapes the great experiences of the Motor Vehicle Bureau and Parking Violations Bureau. Discuss…
No Rhyme or Reason
Now They've Gone Too Far

Once Upon a Time
One or Two-Liners
Other Bathroom Reading— Related links
Play Nice
Re-Quotable Quotes and Sayings
Reality Reviews— Did we really run out of ideas?
Rules To Live By...— Share your own rules and/or policies for a peaceful existence.
Shoddy Workmanship — We hate it! It makes us spend our money twice and more for the same objects. Tell us some of the worst you’ve found as well as any products that you would highly recommend.
Simple Temporary Solutions — Share your ideas for temporary solutions that can eliminate someone else’s daily frustrations. Further discuss…
• on customer non-service lines • in general

Tell it To The Judge

The Nerve!
Soap Operas
Stop It!!!
Talk About Talk Shows
...That Lived In The House That Jack Built— Share your stories about incidents and experiences that seem to build and pick up lives of their own.
The Arial View
The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did
There Has To Be A Better Way
There Ought To Be a Law…— Further discuss.

in customer non-service departments

in general
in government & health institutions
in restaurants… especially buffets
in restrooms
in social settings and relationships
in the workplace
on public transportation
on social networks
on the computer/internet
on the dance floor
on the road
when parking in lots
when parking on the streets

Things Aren't Always What They Seem
Useful (But Not Funny) Stuff
Useless Stuff and Trivia
Wait, There's More!
What Works For Me Also visit us on
What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Where Have All The Humans Gone?
Work EthicsAre there any left?
You Know What Irks Me?
You Know You¹re Getting Older When...
You’ll Always Stay Young If…


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Pets, Plants, and Cars
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